TreeRank package for R

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I. Overview

TreeRank is a R-package for building tree-based ranking rules through the tree induction method
proposed in Clémençon and Vayatis (2009). It also comprise a list of routines for reading or
visualizing ranking tress. It provides an easy-to-use GUI in order to perform model selection
and interpret the results produced by this learning algorithm specifically designed for ROC optimization.

II. Download & Installation

  TreeRank is available either at the CRAN repository or at the sourceforge project download page.
  The easiest way to install TreeRank is to execute the command install.packages("TreeRank") in the R console.
  Please refer to the Getting Started manual for details. 
III. Documentation

     The following documentation is available :
IV. Screenshots

The TreeRank Launcher GUI

The TreeRank visualization and exploration tool

The LeafRank visualization tool

V.  Bibliography

AUC maximization and the two-sample problem
S. Clémençon,  M. Depecker, N. Vayatis.
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Tree-based ranking methods
S. Clémençon, N. Vayatis.
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